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Introduction to Musculoskeletal Biomechanics (MECH/BME 448) 2018 - Present


This fourth year course teaches students how fundamental engineering concepts can be applied to the human musculoskeletal system (MSk) to solve biomechanical problems. In addition to establishing an understanding of basic MSk anatomy & nomenclature, students also study the biomechanical effects of muscle, tendons, bones, and ligaments on the overall human MSk system. In addition to kinematic and force analysis, technologies used to assess biomechanical variables and computational methods in biomechanics will be discussed.

Engineering Design (MECH/BME 350) 2018 - 2021


This core third year mechanical engineering course teaches students fundamental design methodology through lectures and a term design project. Topics covered in the classroom include recognizing and defining open-ended engineering problems, problem definition, project planning, and others. Projects are done by groups of students and provided by outside stakeholders such as industry partners and student design teams. 

Finite Element Applications (MECH 420) 2020 - 2021


This fourth year elective mechanical engineering course teaches students fundamental concepts in the finite element analysis of structural, heat transfer, and mass transfer problems, as well as gaining experience solving practical problems using commercial software. Topics include the direct stiffness method, energy methods, weighted residuals for 1D and 2D elements.

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